Meet Jack.


On the 29th June 2018, we welcomed little Jack into the world.

Thank you to SJOG Geelong for helping me deliver our 3rd little boy safely.

As I live the life of having a newborn and beyond, I thought, as a Sleep Consultant, I would therefore, share with you the trials and tribulations of how to get a baby sleeping well, as they happen.

Above all, I will share with you how to get your newborn sleeping well right from the beginning.

If you also find yourself in possession of a new little bundle of joy, I hope we can take the journey together. Or perhaps you have a friend with a newborn? Or have a friend who is expecting soon?

If so, please share Jack’s sleep journey.

If I can help even one other Mum going through the same stage of life that I am, I have done my job right.

Through this blog, I will talk about Jack’s initial newborn sleep needs, and how his sleep needs change as he grows.

I will be working on keeping sleep on track from the very beginning and I will write about it as regularly as I can. My main goal is to give you a bunch of tips on how to stay ahead of sleep deprivation.

You WILL, however, get tired! that is a given, because newborns are so heavily reliant on you. This is the time they need an abundance of comfort and attention. Not to mention, milk!

As a result, there really is no way around some level of exhaustion.

There are, however, ways we can help ourselves, and try stay ahead of the sleep deprivation game.

So stay tuned. You will hear from me again soon.

However, right now, I am about to attempt to squeeze in a nap before Jack wakes for his next feed, and before I have to collect the older boys from care. Above all, the 3 hourly feeds through the night are definitely starting to take their toll!

Before I go, I wanted to at least get something written up about the joyous phenomenon…Cluster Feeding. It’s real! and it’s exhausting!


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